Holly Stevens


Hi! I’m Holly (she/her), a 27-year-old queer photographer, artist, and Tarot reader. Originally from the Bible Belt, I moved to the beautiful and rainy Pacific Northwest in 2014. I have been taking people's portraits for over a decade now, and I have the deepest gratitude for path that brought me to Seattle as a full-time creator so I could connect with people every day.

Inclusivity and representation are the biggest priorities in my work; I create art that is LGBTQ+, body, and kink affirming. My photography is my way of advocating for all bodies, my way of making a living, and my way of as promoting healing within ourselves and our communities. 

Nude art has been an incredibly restorative and empowering part of my life and one of the purposes of my work is to facilitate other people accessing that healing power. Every body is worth cherishing; each of our bodies is a sacred connection to this very much alive Earth. I love depicting that through my work and that is a very big reason why I am here creating and sharing with you.

You can find me on: Instagram, Twitter, and Patreon. I also run a free Discord server called Artists in Communion which you can become part of by clicking here!

Please reach out if you have any questions at all about my photography, and/or if you'd like to work together! I look forward to meeting you.