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nude & semi-nude sessions

A confident woman in a bathing suit stares into the camera
A nude person sits in front of some lilacs looking peaceful
A woman nuzzles her tiny baby who looks at the camera

family photography

artist portraits

Two artists work on a project together in their studio
An artist smiles at the camera while perched next to their pottery wheel
A family sits happily in the park together
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A nude person smiles while lounging in front of lilacs
"I have had the pleasure of being photographed by Holly twice now and both times were incredibly affirming and SO MUCH FUN.

Holly brings such a safe, joyful, and supportive attitude and energy to the experience. I have recommended Holly to countless people, especially folks with intersecting marginalized identities, because Holly really values celebrating ALL bodies. It truly felt like a celebration being photographed by Holly! Seeing how amazing the photos came out was simply the icing on the cake of such a wonderful and affirming experience. :)"

- KJ S.

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Hi! I’m Holly Stevens (they/she), a queer photographer, artist and parent. I have been taking portraits professionally for over ten years, starting in the Southern US as a wedding photographer and eventually making my way to Seattle. After moving to the PNW it wasn't long before I found what I truly wanted to be doing: creating intimate imagery of all bodies, for all bodies. Whether that be in the form of empowering nudes, tender family photography, or artist portraits that capture exactly who you are, I am excited to collaborate on some beautiful images that hold space for you wherever you're at.


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